A woman scientist smiling

Nurturing Our Scientists to #BalanceforBetter

When Marie Curie won her Nobel Prizes at the beginning of the 20th century, she was one of the very few women scientists. Her work has inspired many generations since then. As we celebrate the 44th International Women’s Day (IWD), we look at some of the concrete ways in which we at Sanofi are already #BalancingforBetter, this year’s IWD theme, such as empowering our scientists through mentoring initiatives. We spoke to Dr. Kerstin Jahn-Hofmann who mentors Dr. Oleksandr Zavoirua to help build a balanced and inclusive team of female and male scientists for a better tomorrow.

Portrait of a woman doctor

Dr. Kerstin Jahn-Hofmann, Section Head, Biologics Research, Germany, Sanofi

Portrait of a man doctor

Dr. Oleksandr Zavoirua, Postdoc, , Biologics Research, Germany, Sanofi

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