Yellow fever

We’ve been committed to the ongoing international fight against yellow fever for 70 years, delivering half a billion doses of vaccines and seeking innovations for the future.
A woman carrying a child
A woman carrying a child
This disease remains endemic in far too many countries. And travelers must consider the disease before departure. The simple gesture of vaccination can help protect health for all.
Bogdana Coudsy

Bogdana Coudsy

Head of Global Medical for Vaccines

Did You Know?


Target year for the Eliminate Yellow Fever Epidemics (EYE) Strategy, led by the WHO.1


The number of vaccine doses needed to provide lifelong protection against the disease.2

3 million

The estimated number of travelers visiting regions where yellow fever is endemic, each year.3

The Reach of Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitos, with endemic viral circulation in 47 countries across Africa and Central and South America. Unvaccinated travelers can catch the infection while visiting these areas and even bring the disease back to their home countries.2

Protecting People Worldwide

Sanofi is part of the EYE Strategy which supports routine vaccination programs and Preventive Mass Vaccination Campaigns.  We’re proud to be a major supplier to GAVI’s Global international stockpile to fight epidemics, where we commit to deliver doses within 72h.

We’re also investing in a new generation vaccine which would aim to support strong global supply.

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