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Composition of the Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, appointed by the shareholders, is composed of 15 members, two of whom are employee representatives. 10 directors are independent. Members of our Board of Directors are appointed for a maximum term of four years; reappointment of Directors is done on a rotation basis.

The Board of Directors defines the strategic business guidelines and directions of the Company, and supervises their implementation. Subject to the powers expressly attributed to the Shareholders’ General Meeting, and within the scope of the company’s corporate purpose, the Board of Directors’ powers cover all issues relating to the proper management of the company and through its decisions the Board determines all matters falling within its authority.

Further information in our Board Charter

Board diversity

Each year, the Board of Directors conducts a review to ensure that there is an appropriate balance in its composition. In particular, the Board seeks to ensure gender balance and a broad diversity of backgrounds and countries of origin, international experience, reflecting Sanofi’s status as a diversified global business.

As of April 2021, women represent 54% of members. 8 Directors are non-French.

Above all, the Board seeks directors who show independence of mind and who are competent, dedicated and committed.

Independence of board members

Under the terms of the AFEP-MEDEF corporate governance code of listed corporations, a Director is independent when he or she has no relation of any kind whatsoever with the company, its group or its management that may interfere with his or her freedom of judgement.

As of April 2021, 77% of members are independent.

Composition of the Board of Directors

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As of May 2021, the Board of Directors comprises the following members:

Serge Weinberg*

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Director’s term ends: 2023

Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson

Chief Executive Officer

Director’s term ends: 2022

Christophe Babule

Christophe Babule

Director’s term ends: 2022
Rachel Duan

Rachel Duan*

Director’s term ends: 2024
Lise Kingo

Lise Kingo*

Director’s term ends: 2024
Patrick Kron

Patrick Kron*

Director’s term ends: 2022

Wolfgang Laux

Director’s term ends: 2025
Barbara Lavernos

Barbara Lavernos

Director’s term ends: 2025

Fabienne Lecorvaisier*

Director’s term ends: 2025
Melanie Lee

Melanie Lee*

Director’s term ends: 2025
Carole Piwnica

Carole Piwnica*

Director’s term ends: 2024
Gilles Schnepp

Gilles Schnepp*

Director’s term ends: 2022
Diane Souza

Diane Souza*

Director’s term ends: 2024
Thomas Südhof

Thomas Südhof*

Director’s term ends: 2024

Ceng-Yann Tran

Director’s term ends: 2025

Summary table

Director Age Nationality First appointed Term expires Seniority AC AGC CC SC SciC
Serge Weinberg, Chairman of the Board(a) 70 French December 2009 2023 AGM 11 C C
Paul hudson, Chief Executive Officer 53 British September 2019 2022 AGM 1  
Christophe Babule 55 French February 2019 2022 AGM 2
Rachel Duan(a) 50 Chinese April 2020 2024 AGM 1

Lise Kingo(a) 59 Danish April 2020 2024 AGM 1

Patrick Kron(a) 67 French May 2014 2022 AGM 7 C
 WolfGang Laux(B) 53 German   April 2021 2025 AGM   0
Barbara LAVERNOS  53   French April 2021 2025 AGM   0  
Fabienne LEcorvaisier(A) 58 French May 2013 2025 AGM 8 C
Melanie LEE(A)  62 British May 2017 2025 AGM 4
Carole Piwnica(a) 63 Belgian December 2010 2024 AGM 10
Gilles Schnepp(a) 62 French May 2020 2022 AGM 1
Diane Souza(a) 68 American May 2016 2024 AGM 5
Thomas C. Südhof(a) 65 German/American May 2016 2024 AGM 5 C
Yann Tran(B) 55 French May 2021 2025 AGM  0

AC: Audit Committee
AGC: Appointments and Governance Committee
CC: Compensation Committee
SC: Strategy Committee
SciC: Scientific Committee
C: Chairman/Chairwoman
(a) Independent director
(b) Director representing employees