The Sanofi individual shareholders committee was created in January 2005. It is partially re-elected every three years.

Organization of the Committee

It is a consultative body of individual shareholders selected on their representativeness of our individual shareholder base in France, in terms of their geographical origin, professional background, age and their interest in the healthcare sector and the stock market. Members are appointed for renewable 3-year terms.

The Chief Financial Officer or his representatives chair the committee. The Investor Relations team organizes the committee's meetings and other activities. The committee holds 3 to 4 meetings or e-meetings a year. In addition to those meetings, committee members also maintain contact with our team on a more informal basis.

Mission of the Committee

While retaining its independence from Sanofi, the committee supports our commitment to providing our shareholders with transparent, regular and quality information. Its objective is two-fold:

  • Inform the company management about the sentiment among our individual shareholders, and keep them informed about their concerns and expectations.
  • Make suggestions to improve relations with our shareholders, and work with us on the formulation of our communication policy and projects.

Shareholders Committee members

The individual shareholders committee currently counts 10 members

From left to right:

  • Grégoire Corcos (Paris): member since 2017
  • Brigitte Armand (Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône): member since 2011
  • Armand Voegel (Valff, Bas-Rhin): member since 2017
  • Anne-Marie Foncelle (Versailles, Yvelines): member since 2014
  • Martial Cocagne (Loperhet, Finistère): member since 2014
  • Fabrice Youta (Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine): member since 2017
  • Enrique Borrell (Dijon, Côte d'Or): member since 2017
  • Aymeric de Villaret (Rueil-Malmaison, Hauts-de-Seine): member since 2014
  • Maurice Thibeau-Chatiliez (Mouvaux, Nord): member since 2011
  • Guillaume Sarton (Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine): member since 2017

Activities of the Committee

To allow the committee to be a real link between Sanofi and the individual shareholders it represents, the Investor Relations team regularly informs it about the Company's business and invites its members to participate in different communication activities. As a result, the committee members learn more about how a leading pharmaceutical company operates and are able to assess the challenges of an efficient shareholder communication.

Meetings, discussions, site visits

Every year, the committee meets or e-meets times. Each meeting is an opportunity to:

  • Present and discuss the Company's news: financial results, product and research pipeline news;
  • Discuss the results of past activities and plan those ahead as the annual general meeting;
  • Discuss communication projects;
  • Share ideas on specific initiatives and the global communication strategy.