30 Years, 3,820 Children Supported: Sanofi’s Solidarity Equation

Published on: December 8, 2023


For 30 years, “Enfants de Sanofi: Let’s take a look at three decades of commitment to the inclusion of thousands of children.

Birth and Evolution of a Unique Initiative (1993 – 2023)

“Enfants de Sanofi”, a unique initiative in the corporate world, accompanies and supports the children of Sanofi employees who are facing challenges such as illness, disability, family issues, and educational difficulties.

Founded in 1993, the initiative emerged from Sanofi's determination to reduce inequalities in health and social support among the children of employees worldwide. Since then, our commitment to help children remains the same.

Through the years, “Enfants de Sanofi” has provided financial and moral support to over 3,820 children across the world. Whether through educational, medical, or social opportunities, the initiative has played a crucial role in their inclusion. Every child of any employee, from birth to 25 years old, can rely on the support of “Enfants de Sanofi” when they are in a situation of physical, moral, or material danger.

Beyond individual actions, “Enfants de Sanofi” also implements collective actions in countries with the help of valuable Ambassadors from vaccination programs to prevention, screening, or education campaigns on crucial subjects like cyberbullying, the association seeks to offer health and education opportunities to a larger number of children.

In cases of emergencies or major crises, “Enfants de Sanofi” mobilizes with exceptional aid. Whether facing an earthquake in Turkey or the war in Ukraine, the program stands by the affected families, providing invaluable support in these critical moments.

Enfants de Sanofi: Growing Dreams!

On its 30th anniversary, we met three families. Their testimonies immerse us in a world of hopes, with their ultimate dream being that their children become independent adults.

Thomas in Ireland: Eve's Determination in the Face of Bilateral Retinoblastoma

Thomas, an employee in Ireland, takes us into the courageous battle of his daughter Eve who suffers from bilateral retinoblastoma, a rare eye disease that Eve fights with unwavering determination. Every medical appointment, every adjustment of her eye prosthesis, are steps towards a normal life for this young warrior who sings, dances, and moves us.

Thu in Vietnam: Bach's journey with mild autism, from pneumonia to education

Thu, an employee in Vietnam, shares the story of her son Bach. Since his birth, Bach has had to overcome pneumonia followed by multiple hospitalizations. Thanks to Enfants de Sanofi, he has found unexpected allies who have opened doors to education and development. Today, Bach is a brave child who continues to fight every day, carrying his mother's dreams within him.

Renata in Brazil: Héloïsa and the Strength to Break Down Trisomy 21 Stereotypes

Renata, an employee in Brazil, takes us into the radiant world of her daughter Héloïsa, who has Down syndrome. Through smiles and bursts of laughter, we discover a mother determined to break down stereotypes and offer her daughter a future filled with respect and love. Héloïsa, with her contagious zest for life, embodies the strength and grace of those who do not accept limits imposed by society.

30 Years of Collective Commitment and Hope for the Future

Today, “Enfants de Sanofi” celebrates 30 years of collective commitment. Thanks to Sanofi's support and the generosity of its employees, the program continues to inspire and change lives. The association is funded by both the company and employee’s donations worldwide. In 2023, Sanofi's allocation is 600,000 euros, and employee donations amount to 50,000 euros with fundraising operations conducted in 11 countries.

In celebrating these three decades of commitment, we will continue working alongside families to help them improving the children lives and give equitable opportunities for all of them.


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