One Year to Go Until the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024

Published on: July 26, 2023


Dany Dann, Team Sanofi athlete, qualified for the Olympic Games Paris 2024
Dany Dann, Team Sanofi athlete, qualified for the Olympic Games Paris 2024
Today marks an important milestone for every athlete preparing to perform on the world stage but also for every volunteer, Sanofian, and sports enthusiast looking forward to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. In less than a year, the Olympic torch will be lit in Greece, then travel to Marseille and across France, before making its way to Paris for an unforgettable opening ceremony along the Seine River.

As partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, we’re igniting the potential in everyone by strengthening cultural change both within and outside of Sanofi. Our goal? Create a more inclusive world and drive social impact.

Our Volunteers 

Change starts with our own people which is why we’ve recruited Sanofians to be volunteers at the Paris 2024 Games. Sanofi volunteers follow a diversity and inclusion training program to equip them to be strong DEI advocates not only at the event, but also at Sanofi and in their local communities. We’re also providing volunteers an extra five days of paid leave to focus on their volunteering experience and build lifetime memories with fellow colleagues.

Meet Team Sanofi: Our "Ignitors

On our journey to becoming a more inclusive place to work, we’ve partnered with 14 inspiring athletes and coaches, each of whom champions a different facet of diversity and inclusion. Be it speaking up for LGBTQ+ rights, advocating for gender equality and accessibility, using their professional success as a platform to fight racism and discrimination, overcoming life-threatening diseases, or inspiring youth to pursue their dreams despite adversity, our athletes and coaches show the world that achieving your dreams is possible. We’re cheering on Team Sanofi every step of the way of their Paris 2024 journey, with one of them, Dany Dann, already officially qualified for the Olympic Games Paris 2024!

When they’re not training, members of Team Sanofi dedicate their time to collaborating with us on various initiatives around diversity and inclusion in and beyond our workplace. At Sanofi, they participate in conversations around our cultural transformation, diversity, and inclusion efforts. In March, Yul Moldauer spoke to Sanofians about the champion mindset and how it drives his commitment to inclusion.

Beyond our workplace, we’re partnering together to create a lasting social impact. This past spring, we added a new dimension to our “Place d’Avenir” roadshow, which travels cross-country to recruit 1,600 young people for work-study contracts, including 10% from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Athletes from Team Sanofi met with students and young adults in cities across France to coach them on various life skills mastered in the sports arena that can be applied to the workforce. And in June, Lauren Rowles joined us for an exclusive LinkedIn Live where she shared her experience and ideas for building an inclusive workplace for LGBTQ+ professionals. Through our shared passion and values, members of Team Sanofi help us amplify our ongoing efforts to celebrate diversity and foster inclusion.

Impulsions 2024

In June, we launched Impulsions 2024, the first session in a series of dynamic roundtable events leading up to Paris 2024. As part of this series, athletes, Sanofians, and members of the local ecosystem met at our site in Marcy l’Etoile to have open conversations about issues that reflect our shared values at Sanofi and Paris 2024, from diversity and inclusion to disability advocacy and healthcare access. The goal? Bring solutions for greater inclusion both in and beyond the workplace.

The Torch Relay and Our Torch Bearers 

As official partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic torch relays, we’re keen to exhibit the richness and diversity of France. Several lucky Sanofians from our different sites in France will live the unique experience to bear the torch. We’ll also have the immense pride of welcoming the torch at some of our iconic sites across the country, allowing our employees to share this unique experience while showcasing our unwavering commitment to scientific innovation and French industrial excellence.

The Sanofi Cup

And because people are what matter most in our Paris 2024 journey, we’re putting our employees front and center at the Sanofi Cup, our in-house sporting competition launched this past May. Building on the energy and excitement for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, the Sanofi Cup encourages friendly and inclusive competition through a variety of physical activities and volunteering opportunities. And thanks to a dedicated digital app, Sanofians can sign up for different challenges and track their activities. Finalists from all countries will compete in the Sanofi Cup Final in Paris in April 2024.

This initiative represents our biggest employee engagement event in the history of our company. Just like with sports and the Olympic Games Paris 2024, the Sanofi Cup inspires us to push our limits, embrace our diversity, and continue to build a winning culture and inclusive workplace.

With just one year to go until the Olympic Games Paris 2024, we’re already moving full steam ahead, with lots more planned in the coming months. So stay tuned and follow us for more news.


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