Photo: Folake Odediran, General Manager GenMed Nigeria, and Country Lead Nigeria-Ghana

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Join Sasalet Kalulu, Digital Innovation Manager at Sanofi as he takes us on a guided tour of our new headquarters.

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We’re challenged to be a start-up

"We’re challenged to be a start-up."

We push ourselves and each other to do what’s never been done before. So, we need the agility and courage of a start-up. Our Real World Evidence (RWE) team pioneers the use of data and machine learning to shift established thinking. In this field, you’re at the cutting edge with real medical progress happening all the time.

We’re dedicated to finding therapeutic breakthroughs for large and small medical issues. These are extraordinary things. So we need (and have) an extraordinary team pushing forward together.

Photo: Benjamin, Talent Aquisition Team

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In it Together: Diversity and Inclusiveness

In it Together: Diversity and Inclusiveness

Voices from the Lab

Our Purpose and Identity