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Dany Dann, championing diversity, inspiring youth to fulfil their dream

Published on: April 3, 2023


Dany Dann
Sport records or scientific breakthroughs do not happen overnight. They require courage, determination and hard work. Through the Sanofi’s People series, we are highlighting stories that create change.
We are leveraging the spirit of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to spotlight inspiring individuals – at Sanofi and beyond – who inspire us to push our limits, to do more and to ignite our full potential.
Discover Dany Dann's story.
Determination begins in your head and heart
Dany Dann

Dany Dann

Break Dancer

Dany Dann discovered break-dancing at 15 and soon after left French Guiana to build his career in mainland France. When his former ‘dance twin’ and best friend died of a sudden heart attack, break-dancing helped him cope with his grief and pushed him to perform at the highest level. 

A champion of diversity, Dany set up his own organization, Best One, to inspire children and young people. He takes huge pride in the fact that break-dancing, born on the streets and accessible to everyone, is stepping into the Olympic limelight for the first time.  

For him, it’s all about the audience: “I share my love for dance with you and you give back to me with applause and smiles. I love that!” 

Gold medalist at the French Nationals and the European Championships in 2022, could Dany be break-dancing’s first ever Olympic champion? 


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